Voice Broadcast Strategies

The “Secret” of Voice Broadcasting Exposed

Voice broadcasting (making a huge number of automated phone calls and playing a pre-recorded message to them) is a remarkably powerful and affordable way to get your message to large numbers of customers.

Despite its power, before you spend one … More

Critical Voice Broadcast Technique To Eliminate The Tire Kickers

If you’ve been reading my other articles, you already know that if you’re using voice broadcasting, you will receive some negative transferred calls.  And how creating a message with a higher response rate will reduce the number of such calls. … More

The Worst Mistake Voice Broadcasters Make Answering Calls – And It’s Very Common

This article reveals the single worst mistake broadcasters make when answering calls in response to their recorded message.  And this mistake is very common.  Many experienced broadcasters continue making it!  Luckily, this mistake is real easy to fix.

The More

Will Your Voice Broadcast Idea Work?

There is no denying the incredible power of a phone broadcast system. Imagine, you have the ability to send your recorded message to thousands and thousands of phones at the click of your mouse!

But power alone does NOT lead … More

Record a Powerful Message – Crucial Components of your Script

Hopefully by now you’ve learned some valuable lessons as you consider using a phone broadcasting campaign. This article will discuss ways to record the most effective message possible, by concentrating on the most crucial components in the script.

First, we … More

How To Craft Your Telemarketing Script To Increase Your Lead Quality With A Disqualifying Statement

Voice broadcasting, or automated telemarketing, employs a pre-recorded message that is sent to thousands of target telephone numbers. During the recording the listener is given the chance to “press 1″ to speak with someone, or to leave a voicemail message. … More

How To Insulate Your Sales Staff From The “Rough And Tumble” Of Live Transfer Leads Using A Live Call Screener

Anyone who has used voice broadcasting (automated telemarketing) for their company’s lead generation system knows that the responses one gets from a live response broadcast can be a bit “rough and tumble”.  In other words, many respondents simply ask to … More

How To Insulate Sales Staff From “Negative” Call Transfers Automatically

If you have ever tried voice broadcasting (automated telemarketing) to generate leads for your company, you know that the responses you get from a live response broadcast can often be negative.  Many respondents ask to be removed from the call … More

The 3 Worst Mistakes In Lead Generation Voice Broadcasting Messages

A businessperson using voice broadcasting (automated telemarketing) to generate sales leads must craft a pre-recorded message to produce qualified leads as inexpensively as possible. And the message has a very short time (45 sec. or less) in which to do … More

What Results To Expect Using Voice Broadcasting To Generate Leads

A typical attitude among new voice broadcasters or businesses thinking about using voice broadcasting is that a great majority of their responses will turn out to be good leads. In most cases this is far from true. Yet despite the … More

Voice Broadcasting Option: Deliver to Live or Voice Mail Answered Phones?

Business people who are thinking about using voice broadcasting as a lead generation technique often fail to carefully consider whether they should broadcast to live answered phones, answer machines, or both. This is probably because they’ve read something describing one … More

What Is The Cheapest Way To Pay For Voice Broadcasting?

There are 3 basic ways to pay for a voice broadcasting campaign, and one of the most frequently asked questions is “which way is cheapest for me”.  As you may suspect, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, so let’s discuss the … More