Your Campaign – How To Do It Right

Your success in using voice broadcasting will depend greatly on how you plan before you start calling. And once you’ve started calling, it is equally important for you to actively use our proprietary analysis tools (reporting and call recordings).

Our real-time report generation can quickly identify opportunities. The analysis may identify geographic and time-based trends. This type of analysis helps you focus your campaign for the greatest ROI. Also, we have provide you with large storage arrays to quickly play back recordings of your transferred calls anytime.

These two functions insure that your campaign operates at peak efficiency, and can identify problem employees who need training.

If you wish to perform further analysis of your call records, you can download calling log for independent analysis.

Broadcasters who proactively monitor their calling campaign and make adjustments are the most successful ones. Here’s what we recommend to set up and run a successful campaign.

Concept Development

The process from call to sale must be followed to determine the purpose of the campaign.
Are you trying to

  • Generate Leads?
  • Set Appointments?
  • Introduce a new product or service to existing customers?

Once you have the goals of your telemarketing campaign in mind, you can sucessfully tailor a stimulating script targeted towards your audience.

Script Writing

You are the expert in your field, and should create your own telemarketing script, based upon other marketing efforts you’ve undertaken.

However, there are some requirements when creating a script for use in voice broadcasting applications. A recommended script format appears below;

Hi…….. (Qualifier Question) Do you need _______ / Would you like__________?

—— (Special offer statement) If you ______ we’ll ______ ABSOLUTELY FREE ———

(Credibility Statement) We have helped over …. / We do …. every day for people like you. ——

To be connected to someone who can _____________ RIGHT NOW, press the number 1 on your phone, or if you would like to be removed from our list press 2. Again, for ______________ ABSOLUTELY FREE, Press the number 1 on your phone now. Thank You.

Message Recording

The outbound message is arguably the single most important factor relating to the success (or failure) of your campaign. This step involves moving beyond simply delivering a brand’s message. You create an emotional reaction that causes consumers to respond on-the-spot. Our system uses the highest quality audio files capable of being played over phone lines. You can record your own message for free, or you may also choose to have your recorded message created professionally. However, we’ve found that the most successful messages are simply recorded in a conversational voice, as opposed to a professional “announcer’s voice”.


Whoever is responsible for receiving the transferred callse must understand exactly how to handle these types of calls.

This is an absolute requirement. This training must not be discounted, avoided or overlooked.

When a transferred call rings in, the last thing you should say is “Hi, this is XYZ Company. How can I help you?

How about this instead? Thank them for responding, and ask them a question confirming interest – such as “Thank you for pressing one, may I tell you more about ….. ” – if they answer yes, then continue the script.

Choose Your Calling List

You may use your own database as a calling list, or use our list. In general, broadcasters who use their own lists get a higher response rate from their broadcasts.

Our free in-house list contains more than 220 million numbers. Our list is divided into either Business or Residential categories, may be divided further by Area Code, State, or Business SIC Code.

Broadcasting Your Calls

You can manage your account instantly with the online Voice Broadcast Control Panel. Any changes you make here occur in real time, and you can run account reports that are accurate up to the second.

Our calling platform is connected to multiple telecom carriers for redundancy. If an individual carrier fails to complete your call, our system will be rerouted to another carrier. As an option for enterprise broadcasters, we can offer a Service Level Agreement to guarantee uptime.

Our network has the capacity to place up to 16 million calls a day, and maintaining perfect call quality on every single call.

Optimizing Your Voice Broadcast Campaign

Our system, unlike other voice broadcast companies, records all of your transferred calls, which enables you to manage your quality of response. Combined with the reporting / analysis tools we make available, you have a very detailed overview to show where and when your ROI is highest. Our reports can answer these questions for you: How many calls have been transferred? What are these leads’ phone numbers for followups? How long was each call? What time period is most responsive? What days of the week? Which are the most responsive area codes? What percentage of your calls lasted more than a minute? Or 2 minutes? You can track, adjust for, and re-analyze these results in order to improve your voice broadcast campaign’s performance.

  • Response Rate & Geographic Analysis
    Our reports displays your calling results by day of week, hour of day, and area code. You can adjust time and location of your broadcast.
  • Call Duration
    If your agents talking on the phone, they can’t be closing deals, and normally, the longer the call, the better. Our reports break down your call transfer calls by length, so you can track the percentage of your calls with short, medium and long duration.
  • Call Recordings
    In the list of your call recordings, you can easily classify the recordings by duration. You’ll see some calls that are very long, most likely interested parties. And you’ll see others that are very short, which are usually hangups or disinterested callers. You can quickly decide which calls you want to listen to, for your own reasons. Since our system records all calls, you can listen to as many or as few as you desire.