Voice Broadcasting System Features & Benefits

LivePhoneLeads.com gives you access to a unique broadcast platform that is state of the art. What makes our system different from other companies’ voice broadcasters is our comprehensive call management and delivery control system.

Most of the features listed below cannot be found anywhere else. But don’t take our word for it, you can see yourself right now, free! Simply login to our Voice Broadcast Control Panel. (“Login As A Demonstration Account”)

Free Online Real-Time Voice Broadcast Control Panel

  • Start/stop your broadcast in real time
  • Set scheduled hours for automatic broadcast ON/OFF
  • Set Caller ID displayed on your outbound calls
  • Set the Transfer-To number (phone number that our system transfers calls to when the live answered phone presses “1″
  • Set dialing speed (calls per minute)
  • Set the simultaneous number of calls (transferred call limiter for automatically pausing dialing)
  • Play recordings of transferred call conversations for training and quality control
  • Add numbers to your do not call list
  • Run reports to see a detailed real time analysis of your calling results

  • Connect to our screen popup Call Notification system
  • Download call records from your list for details of all placed calls
  • Upload your own calling list, or use our internal list (over 220 million numbers)
  • Upload a recorded message to broadcast, or record a new message, or change the options of your message delivery

Free Database Usage – 220+ Million Numbers Available

We offer FREE usage of our entire database for our voice broadcasting services. This covers the entire continental USA (AK and HI are excluded). We have over 220 Million phone numbers in our database, including over 14 Million businesses (the business database can be separated by industry SIC code nationwide).  This benefit alone typically saves our advertisers between two to ten cents per call!

Free Call Recording

We record all transferred calls to you at no cost.  This enables you to audit your sales staff and insure that they are speaking with transfers effectively. You can listen to the recordings of your transfers whenever you want, 24/7, using the Voice Broadcast Control Panel.

Free E-Mailed Leads

Every time a caller presses the “1″ key for more information, their name, address, phone number, and the time and date, is e-mailed to you automatically at whatever email address you have specified.

Free Call Transfer (no additional per minute charge)

We will transfer the caller to any phone number in the United States or Canada with no  additional per-minute charges. Talk as long as you want!  (If you are using the per-minute pricing plan this does not apply.)  Please note: we are not able to transfer calls to tollfree phone numbers.

Free Simultaneous Call Limiter

Most of our broadcasters have a certain number of sales agents they want on the phone at all times. Our system broadcasts your calls in high volume until all your agents are all on the phone. Then, your broadcast will temporarily stop until one of your agents gets off the phone. This means you’ll never be swamped with too many calls, but just enough to keep your staff busy! You can login to our  web based control panel anytime, and change the simultaneous call limit for your voice broadcasting campaign.

No Account Setup Fees

We don’t nickel and dime our broadcasters, but, as the low cost voice broadcasting leader, we let you know your exact costs before you begin.  We focus on giving you low cost service so that we enjoy higher volume.

Fiber Optic Digital Network

All of your calls are placed using fiber optic connections to major providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Level 3 Communications. We don’t use low bit rate VOIP to terminate our calls (this “cost saving” practice often causes poor sound and lower response rates).

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a single contact for any needs. You won’t need to figure your way through different departments. Our support managers are located in the USA, and enterprise clients will be given an emergency contact available 24/7.

Free Voicemail Box

Although most broadcasters answer their calls live, transferring to a voicemail box is also an option. You may prefer not to speak to live transfers, or you may not have employees available to do so. For such situations, we provide a free voicemail box where your calls can be transferred.

Free Usage Of Our “Call Transfer Notification System”

You can connect directly to our call center via internet. The moment someone presses the key to transfer to your agent, a notice will pop up on your screen with the caller’s Name, Address, Phone Number, etc… This lets you know who is calling the moment the phone rings.

Free Do-Not-Call Maintenance

We maintain a do-not-call list in-house along with the National Do-Not-Call List, and routinely remove these numbers from our calling database. You can import your own do-not-call phone numbers into our system to insure that numbers that should not be called are not ever called.

Free National Do-Not-Call List Cleaning

We subscribe to the National Do Not Call list, and optionally clean your list versus the National DNC database free of charge.

Free Caller Hang up Notification

At times, the live answered phone that pressed “1″ to transfer to you will hang up before you answer. When this occurs, our system will automatically call you with the following message : “The individual who pressed one hung up the telephone, if you would like to call them back, they can be reached at ….” which enables you to promptly call the number back.

Free Online Database Processing

Whether you are using our calling list or your own, you should insure that the list you use is correctly processed before you start your campaign. In addition to the do-not-call cleaning service we provide, our system can also de-duplicate your list (you only dial each phone number once).  Also, our system can randomize your database (this insures more even geographic spacing of your calls).

Free FTP Calling List Delivery

Some of our enterprise clients choose to integrate our broadcast dialing system into their IT infrastructure.  We can provide  FTP access for unattended calling list upload. When our system receives your file, your broadcast will be automatically enabled during when it is scheduled.

Free FTP Download of Transferred Call Recordings (for Long Term Storage)

Some of our broadcasters use a “Third Party Verification Service” (such third party services record part or all of the call for future verification of the transaction in case of future claims). Our system eliminates all need for such an additional service.  We can automatically deliver the files for all your recordings to an FTP server each night.

Free Call Announcement Option

When a call is being transferred to you, we can play a message “You have a transferred call” just before to the call is connected to your phone. This serves as an alert to your staff to handle the transferred call correctly. This way, your office will know if the incoming phone call is a broadcast campaign transfer, or a “normal” incoming call.

Free Transferred Call Retry

If your lines are busy when we attempt to transfer a call, our system redials your phone number automatically every two seconds until we get through, or the transferred caller disconnects. (The caller will hear hold music during this waiting time.)

Free Caller-ID Notification

All of the transferred calls to you will display the phone number of the person that pressed “1′.

Free “Mark for Remove” Feature

Sometimes a transferred party asks to not be called again. If you just press the “star” key on your phone any time during a call, both you and the transferred party will hear a brief recording stating that their number has been placed on our do-not-call list, and the call is disconnected. You don’t need to record numbers to be removed.

Toll Free Message Recording

Recording of your outbound messages and playing back your recorded calls requires no additional equipment or cost on your part.  If you decide not to record your own outbound message, you can have it created professionally – there are many vendors listed on the Web – just search for “voice over recording”. However, we’ve found that the most successful messages are simply recorded in a conversational voice, as opposed to a professional “announcer’s voice”.